Gary is a comedy writer who's written for a long list of prime time sitcoms -- all flops. If you're wondering why Reality TV is so popular, look no further than Gary's resume. 

Gary did write one episode of The Simpsons, which he manages to mention five or six times a day. Ask Gary to pass the sugar, and he'll say something like, "You know, Homer passed the sugar to Bart in my Simpsons episode." It's kind of annoying.

Gary also writes plays, children's television, and produces useless and funny websites. He even wrote this bio you're reading, pretending someone else did it. It's pathetic.

Some of Gary's websites --

Coming Soon: (which he created, but no longer runs) - The website that helps you sleep.

Facebook Page:

Email Gary at

Gary's New Comic Novel!

So, what's it about?

Six-year-old Davin has gone to Hell. He wasn't meant to go down there, of course. After some sort of bizarre mix-up, little Davin was accidentally transported to the Land of the Damned. Now that he's returned, Davin isn't quite the cute boy he used to be. Strange, weird and, well, satanic things keep happening to him. The school wants him kicked out, a hard-boiled detective is investigating him, and a crazed priest has proclaimed his entire family Devil worshippers. Davin�s father, Richard, must set out on an incredible � and often ridiculous � journey to discover what�s wrong with his son. His hilarious odyssey takes him to churches, secret Satanic brotherhoods, exorcists, and eventually to Hell itself where he must negotiate face-to-face with Lucifer. The Devil sends Richard on a nearly impossible mission, but he must succeed if he ever hopes to get his son back to normal.

Hell Is For Real by Gary Apple

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